Here’s a List of Every Metal Album That Came Out in 2019


Got year-end list blues? Having trouble remembering what the fuck actually came out over the past 11+ months?

Look no further than THE SHREDSHEET, a spreadsheet (get it?) of every metal album released in 2019 compiled by MetalSucks reader and commenter “Guestachio” and dropped in the comments section of my own “Best of 2019” list.

OK, not EVERY single release is included. But it’s got damn near most everything you’re likely to have heard of, and a whole lot you haven’t, totaling nearly 400 albums. What’s more, Guestachio has gone to the trouble of sorting them according to his own personal taste — which might or might not have relevance to you — and included streaming links for all of them, a loose genre classification in case you’ve never heard of the band, and the release date, all of which is incredibly useful information. He’s done this in past years, too, but it’s high time we shared his efforts with the public.

Someone find out where this guy lives and send him a few cases of beer and an ounce of weed. The dude has done the metal community a tremendous service!

View the entire Shredsheet right here.

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