“Nabbed in Nebraska”: Anvil’s Heart Is in the Right Place


Anvil are terrible. Anvil have always been terrible. Barring a miracle, or at least the hiring of an outside songwriter, Anvil will always be terrible. To wit: their new single, “Nabbed in Nebraska,” which is, indeed, terrible. Like, Local Band terrible. It sounds like Lemmy wrote a Motörhead song after he died. I don’t know how that would be possible, but once you listen to this track, you’ll understand what I mean.

Which is too bad, because the basic message of the song — “Smoking weed ain’t no crime” — is certainly one I can get behind. But in addition to the terrible music, the lyrics read like they were either written by a teenager who just got high for the first time. They were actually written sexagenarian who has likely smoked his brains into mush, as Run the Jewels would put it. I guess that’s basically the same thing as a teenager who just got high for the first time.

Habitual behavior
With no foreseeable end
Pot in the pocket
Given by a friend
Prohibited substance
In different states
While crossing boundaries
Police lay in wait

You can check out “Nabbed in Nebraska” below if you need an easy laugh. It will appear on Anvil’s new album, Legal at Last (oy), which comes out February 14 on AFM.

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