Video: Kids Age 7 – 15 Cover White Zombie’s “Thunder Kiss ’65”

  • Axl Rosenberg

It would appear that the O’Keefe Music Foundation, the world’s foremost leader in metal covers performed by kids, has either discovered the Fountain of Youth, or otherwise made an incredible scientific breakthrough. How else to explain the fact that they managed to turn Sheri Moon Zombie into a little girl for this cover of White Zombie’s “Thunder Kiss ’65”? Oh, sure, they’re claiming it’s an eight-year-old named Taylor Campbell, and not Rob Zombie’s muse. But that’s probably just because they’re waiting for their patent to come through or something. You’re not fooling anyone, O’Keefe!

For the record, Ms. Moon… er, Ms. Campbell’s fellow musicians are:

  • Tambourine / Miles Fong Alexander / Age 7
  • Drums / Logan Miller / Age 9
  • Bass / Jackson Toma / Age 14
  • Lead Guitar / Noah Williams / Age 15
  • Guitar / Gabe Josefowicz / Age 15 Instagram @gabe_josefowicz

I look forward to all of these youngsters being in Megadeth someday.

[via Metal Injection]

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