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Counterfeit Slayer Tickets are Already for Sale, Band Responds


Despite Slayer playing their final show this past November and making a huge deal out of the fact that it really, definitely, positively, absolutely will be their last one ever, some ticket re-sellers are all too happy to attempt to cash in on the fact that fans know every band reunites eventually.

Some tickets offered via the ticket re-selling portal Viagogo for the Sweden Rock Festival, set to take place between June 3 and 6, 2020, erroneously listed Slayer as appearing on the bill. The band presumably got enough direct inquiries about those listings that they felt they needed to make an announcement, which they did, promptly putting those rumors to bed:


“There are tickets being offered on Viagogo for a Slayer performance at Sweden Rocks June 2020. Buyer beware this is a resale site with inaccurate information SLAYER WILL NOT [BE] PERFORMING.”

To anyone who bought tickets for Sweden Rock solely because they thought they’d catch a rare Slayer gig… I’m sorry, except no, I’m not really sorry, that’s stupid, and I sure hope you contacted the band first! But if you parted with your money only to find out Slayer aren’t on the bill, well, I’d wager you’ll have a good time anyway: Volbeat, Guns N’ Roses, In Flames, Nightwish, Mercyful Fate, Gojira, Opeth and a ton of other awesome bands are scheduled to play.

Slayer, meanwhile, appear poised to continue on in some form or other even if their performing days are over. Their longtime manager, Rick Sales, said recently:

“The band has always had a lot of integrity. There are a couple things that go on. I totally get that they made a decision to stop touring. That doesn’t mean the end of the band. It’s just the end of touring. I always thought of it as, ‘you go out on top.’ They made that decision. They’re not milking it. From that standpoint, I get it and they made the right choice.”

On what a future Slayer sans touring might look like, he did he didn’t elaborate much but did say it’s already being discussed:

“I’m not sensing that at all. Let’s put the touring to bed. I’ve got a couple of ideas [for future projects], but we haven’t made any decisions. Right now, they’re preoccupied with the end, and I imagine it’s emotional. It’s emotional for me.”

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