Who are Gravesend?

Who are Gravesend?

Sometimes a new metal band comes along that piques my interest on concept alone. Gravesend, a new Brooklyn outfit, have certainly got my attention despite having not officially released a single note of music.

For starters, that name! Gravesend is a neighborhood in deep Brooklyn far from the tentacles of gentrification that, aside from having the most metal name ever, gave birth to metal royalty Type O Negative and Life of Agony. With song titles on their forthcoming album like “Verrazano Floater” and “Tombstone Vandalism,” it’s clear the band is paying homage to their local heritage.

But it gets even better. Check out this description from the band’s bio, posted on their official website:

“New York City’s dark underbelly of seedy, drug-ridden, rat, and cockroach infested streets of yesterday are re-lived through the eyes of loathe and disdain. Crawling out from the sewers in 2020 and into the dispirited glow of the city’s darkness, Gravesend manifests a hate for the make-up of the urban landscape. Finding refuge within the city’s mortuary gates, at the crossroads of black metal and hellish grindcore, Gravesend brings a harsh aural manifesto of urban disgust.”

Sounds fucking horrifying, right? It’s like metal’s answer to The Warriors.

You can check out some quick previews of music below. Stay tuned to Gravesend’s Instagram and Bandcamp for more info and tunes coming soon. We certainly will be.

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