Teens Reacting to “Goths” Rage Against the Machine on Twitter is Hilarious


Along with Rage Against the Machine’s massive world tour announcement earlier this week came yesterday’s revelation that they’d headline the Reading and Leeds festival in England, an event with a 59-year history that’s seen dozens of rock and metal headliners (Sabbath, Maiden, Metallica, System of a Down, etc.) and has hosted Rage Against the Machine four separate times going back to 1993.

But the festival’s billing has shifted into more mainstream and pop territory recently, and the reveal that Rage Against the Machine would join Liam Gallagher and Stormzy as this year’s big names caused some anger and confusion amongst the fest’s younger attendees. While it’s fair to say that they’re in the minority — loads of people are absolutely chuffed at the news — posts by some teens on Twitter who don’t care about or haven’t even heard of Rage are hilarious, with some referring to them as “goths.”

It’s an understandable reaction, to be fair, as Rage haven’t released any new music in eons, making them very much an act for us olds — we saw the same thing with Tool last year when their new album topped out Taylor Swift on the charts, and again when Ozzy Osbourne guested with Post Malone — but it’s still fun to laugh at “kids these days” as long as we remember to also laugh at ourselves for being out-of-touch olds.

Tickets for the entire Rage Against the Machine reunion tour go on sale tomorrow, Thursday, February 13. Keep an eye on them here.

Here are some of the best Twitter posts, collected in part by Metal Hammer:

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