Limp Bizkit Guitarist Wes Borland Played a Show with a Broken Hand


Does the world need yet another shitpost making fun of Limp Bizkit and the simplicity/stupidity of their music? No, the world most certainly does not need more of that: it’s been done to death. Nosiree, Bob!

So I’ll just state the facts: Wes Borland, who, as we’ve pointed out many times on this site is a very talented musician who has said he’s embarrassed by Limp Bizkit and treats the band like a day job, performed a show this past weekend in Krasnodar, Russia, with his broken hand in a cast. He did not seem to have any issues performing Limp Bizkit’s music despite his physical limitation.

He also unveiled a new stage costume. It’s pretty neat, I s’pose.

Wes offered of the incident via Instagram:

“Nailed my first show playing with a recovering broken hand. I can’t express the amount of anxiety I was having leading up to this but three fingers was enough to get the job done and Krasnodar was amazing. Thanks to all my brothers in @limpbizkit for believing in me and my amazing support system including @aliejoboxblock and new costuming by my friends @thewisehatter and @adelemildred for bringing it all together. Big love for Russia. Big love for Krasnodar.”

See? That wasn’t so hard. Now back to our regularly schedule shitpost programming.

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