Poll: When Will Metal Bands Start Touring Again?


When the coronavirus pandemic starting spreading throughout the world en masse, live concerts were some of the first businesses to get the axe, leaving a giant hole in our hearts and tearing down the economic engine of the music economy. That’s the least of our problems now, of course, with deaths surging all across the United States and elsewhere, hospitals being forced to decide who lives and who dies, mass layoffs and lives being ripped apart by grief and economic loss.

But it begs the question: when will live concerts return? Since they were the first to go, it stands to reason that they’ll be some of the last to come back; even when certain restrictions on daily activity are lifted, until there’s an effective treatment or vaccine it’s still gonna be risky for hundreds or thousands of people to congregate in close quarters. And that’s to say nothing of the fears people will have of doing so even once it’s been deemed safe. None of that has stopped several canceled tours from booking rescheduled dates in the not-too-distant future, foolishly, IMO. This summer’s big blockbuster tours, from Slipknot to Mötley Crüe to Rammstein, are very much in jeopardy. There’s no telling how long this could last.

So: when do you think live concerts will return? Not just one show here or there, but full-fledged touring action. Vote below, then leave a comment explaining your vote and whether you’ll feel safe attending shows when the time comes.

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