Testament’s Steve DiGiorgio Tests Positive for Coronavirus

  • Axl Rosenberg

As expected, Testament bassist Steve DiGiorgio has tested positive for COVID-19. DiGiorgio — whose illustrious career has also included work with bands like Death and Iced Earth — presumably contracted the virus during Testament’s recent European tour with Exodus and Death Angel. Testament vocalist Chuck Billy, Exodus guitarist Gary Holt, and Death Angel drummer Will Carroll have all also been diagnosed with COVID-19, with Carroll having recently emerged from a twelve-day coma.

Billy — who, like Holt, seems to be (thankfully) recovering from the virus — confirmed DiGiorgio’s diagnosis during a recent interview with Diabolus in Podcastica:

“Steve, our bass player, just tested on Thursday, he got his results back, and they’re positive. And that’s after a couple of weeks of being sick. So it made us think, ‘Are we still contagious?’, even though the doctors and the CDC [Centers For Disease Control And Prevention] told us that, ‘Go ahead and go to the store. Go out. Wear a mask.’ But you just don’t know. We don’t know if we’re ill or not.”

Billy didn’t give any indication as to how DiGiorgio is actually feeling right now, but hopefully he’s suffering from a relatively mild case of the virus (as opposed to Carroll, for instance).

Everyone at MetalSucks wishes DiGiorgio a speedy recovery. Hopefully we get some relieving news soon.

Meanwhile, Testament’s new album, Titans of Creation, was released today. Read our review here.

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