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Exclusive Full Album Stream: Death Monolith by Like Rats

Exclusive Full Album Stream: Death Monolith by Like Rats
Album artwork by John Regan / Hand of Doom

The week of April 6, 2020 shall forever be known as the week when the world’s isolated population started to crack. We here at MetalSucks have pretty much all had at least one breakdown by now, and speaking to our friends around the world, it sounds like we’re not alone. Won’t anyone save us and offer an outlet for all our pent up energy and rage?

Enter Chicago’s Like Rats and their third full-length, Death Monolith! With eight tracks of groove-laden death metal so heavy they’ll break your back, so full of rage a judge assigned them mandatory anger management classes, and so ugly they’ll turn you to stone if you look directly at them, Death Monolith offers precisely the catharsis we all need right now. Death Monolith would be an exemplary work of extreme music under the best of circumstances; given the current of state of the world, its release simply could not be better timed.

Says vocalist Dan Polak of Death Monolith

“While the album has some pretty over-the-top cosmically bleak lyrics, they all have something to do with living being’s relationship to the natural world and to the universe. There has always been a theme within our songs exploring humanoid’s primitive behavior and a respect, fear, awe and desire of wanting to understand nature and our place in it. At times it is vast and overwhelming to take in what is and has been going on within the world but if anything is for sure, it’s to keep a positive outlook and, who knows, maybe playing these riffs loudly will create enough sonic poison to fight off all the diseases and grime this galaxy has to send us. It’s a hope at least…

“It’s been a nice few years worth of work writing and finally recording this batch of songs – which we are grateful to have now on wax, cassette AND the virtual world. It keeps us stoked to have people listen and dig what we are doing. Being able to make these songs and sometimes travel/play gigs and hang with friends is what it’s all about for us. Hanging with friends, at the moment, isn’t all that possible in this Age of Quarantine but now is the moment to really ask what is important. If you have work to do, do it (safely…) and if you need to re-figure your life out, now is a better time than ever to look within. It is important to always be creative and seize whatever opportunity may arise. Think outside the box.”

Do youself a favor and stream Death Monolith by Like Rats below! The album comes out this Friday, April 10 on Hibernation Release. You can pre-order it here or here!!!

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