Whitechapel Post Haunting Acoustic Version of “Hickory Creek”

Whitechapel Post Haunting Acoustic Version of “Hickory Creek”

Of all the bands I’d expect to see turn their quarantine time to use with an acoustic re-recording of a song, Whitechapel would’ve been pretty far down that list (Issues, on the other hand, who did the same: not that surprising!).

Which is probably why their acoustic version of “Hickory Creek” is all that much more powerful and haunting. Sure, the original recording is also powerful and haunting, but jeez, listen to this new version and just try not to get sucked deep inside Phil Bozeman’s tortured soul.

Speaking of Bozeman, here’s his comment on the acoustic reimagining, the original version of which appeared on last year’s The Valley:

“If any song could have an acoustic version, it would be ‘Hickory Creek’. This was enjoyable on so many levels for us to make, and we hope you share that same joy during these hard times.”

Have a listen below, along with the original. Like I said, major feels.

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