Linkin Park “Working Up Ideas” for New Music


In a pair of recent interviews, Linkin Park bassist Dave “Phoenix” Farrell has said that the members of Linkin Park are working on new material… and have been since before the coronavirus pandemic.

“Band-wise, we’re always kind of writing, always working on new music,” Farrell revealed in the first interview, before admitting that the band is “on pause” while the pandemic continues.

Farrell elaborated a little more in the second interview, which was conducted as part of a Dan Really Like Wine livestream:

“For us, with the band, we’ve been kinda writing and doing that whole bit before this all started, so casually at this point we’re doing Zoom meetings to eat lunch together and say, ‘Hi.’ But we’re not able to get together and write or do that whole bit. So working at home a little bit, working up ideas.”

This isn’t the first time a member of Linkin Park has suggested that the band could continue despite frontman  Chester Bennington’s tragic suicide in 2017. Last year, co-vocalist Mike Shinoda said that for the surviving band members not keep “making and performing music” would be “unhealthy”:

“As long as that connection and interest is there, I think that is our driving force to figure out Linkin Park.”

“It’s not my goal to look for a new singer. If it does happen, it has to happen naturally. If we find someone that is a great person and good stylistic fit, I could see trying to do some stuff with somebody. I would never want to feel like we are replacing Chester.”

You can check out both of the interviews with Farrell below.

[via NME]

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