Misery Signals Release First Song with Original Vocalist Jesse Zaraska Since 2004


Misery Signals welcomed original vocalist Jesse Zaraska back into the band in 2016, displacing longtime mic-slinger Karl Schubach. It’s one of those situations where Zaraska no doubt has claim to the “original” moniker — he appeared on the band’s 2004 debut, Of Malice And The Magnum Heart — but the band really caught on during Schubach’s reign, which spanned three albums, and for many Misery Signals fans he’s the only vocalist they’ve ever known. It’s almost but not quite like how Howard Jones steered Killswitch Engage’s biggest commercial successes, and for many fans who came on board with “End of Heartache” or “My Curse” he will forever be THE guy (I say “not quite” because Jesse Leach made a huge impact with his work on Alive or Just Breathing, moreso than Zaraska did on Of Malice, IMO, although I’m not fully versed on Misery Signals history and could be wrong).

Anyhow, Zaraska is back, and the band just unveiled their first song with him since 2004, “The Tempest.” Speaking as someone who, once again, is more of a passive Misery Signals fan, I don’t wanna speak for everyone… but I’m actually not noticing the vocalist swap a whole lot. To me it’s just a dope new Misery Signals song! I liked Schubach’s songs and I like this one too. But I’m curious how those of you more intimately familiar with the band’s body of work feel about it.

Check out “The Tempest” below. New album Ultraviolet will see an August 7 release; pre-order here.

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