Enslaved Announce Virtual Summer Tour


“Enslaved are following in the footsteps of Suicide Silence” is not a sentence I ever expected to type. I imagine it’s not a sentence you ever expected to read, either. But 2020 is a strange time. And so here we are:

Enslaved are following in the footsteps of Suicide Silence by staging a virtual summer tour, which will ostensibly allow the band to play “live” without exposing all of their fans to COVID-19.

Dubbed the “Cinematic Summer Tour 2020,” the “trek” will consist of three different shows, each “accompanied by different side happenings,” according to a press release:

“In cooperation with Roadburn, the tour starts July 30th, with the ‘Chronicles of the Northbound’ show. Fans will be invited by the festival to choose their favorite Enslaved songs to create a career spanning set. The second show will be a ‘Below The Lights’ set on August 20th, presented by Beyond the Gates festival.

The band will end their virtual tour at the Summer Breeze festival on September 30th, with the presentation of their new album in its entirety: ‘Utgard – The Journey Within.’ 

The best part? All three shows will be streamed on Enslaved’s YouTube channel free of charge (fans who wanna show their appreciation will have the option to donate money and/or purchase special merch produced for the “tour”).

Mark your calendars. We’ll let you know more about those “side happenings,” whatever they turn out to be, when they’re announced.

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