Watch Awkward Dad David Ellefson Interview Post Malone About Stuff the Kids Today Enjoy


Right around the same time that Lars Ulrich was surprising a pediatric ICU nurse during a live video chat, Post Malone was surprising Megadeth bassist David Ellefson and his business partner, Thom Hazaert, during a live video chat of their own. And while you might assume that the conversation between a starstruck fan and a rock star would be more awkward than a conversation between three bona fide music industry professionals, you’d assume incorrectly. Watching Ellefson and Hazaert fawn over Malone and try to talk about beer pong is like watching a pair of uncles who don’t see their nephew very often trying to connect with said nephew at a family gathering right after he’s started his freshmen year of college. There’s an abrupt segue where Ellefson suddenly asks Malone to show the camera his So FarSo Good… So What! tattoo, and it is just… [shivers]… y’know? It actually adds a whole new dimension of discomfort to Ellefson’s recent cover of Malone’s “Over Now.”

I’m not even knocking the older men — Ellefson has thirty years on Malone, and I’ve only got fourteen, and I’d still probably act the same way around the rapper and noted metalhead. I’m just saying that I think there’s something to Vince’s assertion that it’s hard for people to truly be peers when there’s such a vast age gap.

You can watch the discussion below. If you don’t wanna watch the whole thing, Malone enters around the 51-minute mark. The part you’ll probably find most interesting: Malone named Megadeth, Metallica, and Pantera as his favorite metal bands and then did a quick impersonation of Phil Anselmo. Good stuff.


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