Joey Jordison Reflects on the Release of Slipknot’s Self-Titled Debut


Congratulations are in order for Slipknot’s eponymous debut: as of yesterday (June 29), the album is now 21-years-old! Hopefully Clown took it out for its first legal drink or something.

ANYWAY, one guy who was happy to celebrate the album’s birthday was former Slipknot drummer Joey Jordison. Jordison took to social media to share the following message about the big anniversary:

“It’s almost hard to believe how these years have flown by like blast beats. That album was & will always be some of the absolute best memories of my life. There’s nothing out there quite like it, and what it did for all of us & the Metal world. It made all of our dreams come true, and the overall reaction from the fans almost collapsed venues & stadiums worldwide. We didn’t expect it, but it absolutely exploded! We were so determined, hungry, and ready to take on the world and we did. We feared no one, and it showed when we took the stage. It was just ‘that’ time. Total mystery it was. Thank you to Monte Conner, Dave Rath, and all at Roadrunner Records… Sophia John, Ross ‘The King’ Robinson & Chuck Johnson. To the fans, you guys made this happen for all of us, and I dedicate this anniversary to YOU!!! Metal Forever. Thank you eternally! Joey Jordison no.1. ????????”

In semi-related news, I am now realizing this means I had just completed my junior year of high school when Slipknot came out. So if you’ll excuse me, I need to go day drink and weep over my lost youth.

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