Let’s Write a Slipknot Song!


Have you ever put serious thought into what makes a particular band sound uniquely like that band? That kind of conversation isn’t solely the domain of music nerds who can tell you that a band’s riffs tend to utilize a flat 2 or whatever; even if you’re not a musician you’ve probably been able to pick up on commonly used drum patterns, riff styles, rhythmic techniques or vocal melodies that are specific to certain players.

What that in mind, Gear Gods head honcho Trey Xavier endeavored to find out what makes a Slipknot song a Slipknot song, and then he used that research… to write a “Slipknot” song! Not only are the results a startlingly accurate representation of Slipknot– the band should consider buying the rights to this song from Trey! — but the video he made showing the entire process of breaking down all of Slipknot’s Slipknotisms and writing a song in their style is a fascinating watch all the way through. Check it out below, along with the completed song at the end.

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