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Iced Earth’s Jon Schaffer on The Quarantinecast #19


You’re quarantined, we’re quarantined, everyone’s quarantined, including all the metal musicians we all love. In our new series, The MetalSucks Quarantinecast, we’re connecting with metal musicians in their homes to find out how they’re coping with isolation, how they’re staying busy during these trying times, and how the coronavirus pandemic has impacted their band’s plans.

Jon Schaffer of Iced Earth and Demons & Wizards is our guest on this episode to talk about his upcoming book of artwork, lyrics and interviews, Wicked Words and Epic Tales, which is currently in the crowdfunding phase. In addition to the book, we were interested in speaking with Jon because of his outspoken political views, and indeed, Jon’s stances on the current coronavirus pandemic are very different from ours: he believes the entire thing has been blown out of proportion by the media for the express purpose of limiting and controlling Americans’ freedoms (“they’re not conspiracy theories, they’re conspiracy facts”), and does not believe we should stay home and stay safe (when I wished him the customary “stay safe” goodbye at the end of our chat, he responded with “I’ll stay free”). Lots of fireworks in this one; make sure you stay tuned in for the whole thing.

Listen to the episode below via YouTube, via the streaming audio embed, or download the episode here.

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