Devin Townsend Has Released Yet Another Album of Ambient Guitar Noodling


At the very end of May, metal’s king of poop and fart humor, Devin Townsend, released an entire hour-plus album of improvised guitar noodling titled Guitar Improvisation #1. If you’ve ever seen Devin’s demos and clinics (both online and IRL), or listened to some of the quieter tracks on GhostKi and Casualties of Cool, you kind of know what to expect.

Somewhere between then and now, Devin released Guitar Improvisation #2 and, well, frankly I missed it. Sorry about that, people. But he’s back today with Guitar Improvisation #3! It’s an hour and 23 minutes long and it certainly lives up to its name, consisting of improvised music on the guitar… I’ll say that. “New Guitar Improv for you… I feel like Im figuring this vibe out now. This works good for background working sounds,” he says. Check it out below.

Devin has also revealed via Twitter that he’ll be debuting a “metal thing” on September 1, presumably some kind of livestream event or video production. Here’s what he said about it:

“Yeah, I believe Sept 1st is when this metal thing Ive been working on for the past few months will be able to be seen and heard =) Its wicked actually…

“Yep, playing ‘live’ via chain letter (starting with Sam) then we filmed ourselves with 8 cameras at the same heights and distances and we’re assembling it on an epic virtual stage, playing the ‘By Request set’ Half SYL, Half DTP”

Something to look forward to. Yay!

[via The PRP]

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