Former Pantera Bassist Rex Brown Displeased With “Oompahloompa” Donald Trump’s Handling of the Pandemic

  • Axl Rosenberg

Is Rex Brown a liberal? I have no idea! If I’m being honest, before today, I probably would have guessed “no,” being that he was in multiple bands fronted by a bigot, at least one of which was also not shy about their love of the Confederate flag. And maybe Brown isn’t a liberal. I’ve long held that you don’t need to be a lefty to see that Donald Trump is a yutz. You just need to use your eyes, your ears, and your brain.

Regardless of Brown’s general political leanings, in a new series of tweets, he makes it clear that he is NOT down with Trump, who he calls an “Oompahloompa.” Which is a REALLY cruel thing to say… about oompa loompas, I mean. They’re hard working, wise, coordinated, and talented. Trump is none of those things.

Brown’s comments were made on social media, while sharing a BBC article about New Zealand’s extraordinary success fighting the coronavirus:

“Now if only…We would’ve listened to these guidelines, 3 million of us wouldn’t be sick. 140,000+ Dead & Counting. And to think that we had to listen to an ‘Oompahloompa’ that only wants ratings, not precaution…Distgusting!!”

When one fan replied pointing out that the population of the U.S. is significantly more than that of New Zeland (328 million vs. 5 million), Brown answered:

“I know the #’s are disproportionate.. If everyone would just quit being the problem, we wouldn’t be where we are today!! Thx for your oversight..”

The bassist then added:

“It’s called ‘Leadership’!! That was the point I was trying to get across & failed, in my knee jerk reaction to the piece.”

You can check out Rex’s tweets below.


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