Trapt’s New Album Shatters Sales Records, Makes America Great Again

  • Axl Rosenberg

Freedom-of-speech hating liberal terrorists have launched a smear campaign against Shadow Work, Trapt’s latest release, which some are already saying is one of the top 5 albums that will ever exist for all of time.

According to a report by the Stream N’ Destroy newsletter, Soundscan puts the first week sales figures for Shadow Work at 600 copies in full sales. George Soros-owned media outlets that cater to left wing extremists and SJWs have taken glee in noting that this number not only represents a catastrophic sales drop from the band’s last album — 2016’s DNA, which sold 4,500 copies in the same amount of time — but that it is also far below the pre-release expectations of industry experts, who predicted that Shadow Work would sell at least 5,400 copies in its first week.

But take heed: this 600 copies claim is FAKE NEWS!!! High-ranking industry analysts put sales of Shadow Work at closer to 4,000 copies.

While this is still below initial sales forecasts, it’s a highly respectable number that suggests real Americans are tired of the lamestream media’s lies and progressive agitators interfering with what’s best for the greatest country in the world.

But even Billboard is in on the snowflake conspiracy, failing to list Shadow Work on its Top 200 Album Chart despite the astoundingly high number of copies sold.

Shadow Work is available to forever change your life now. You can stream the album in its entirety below!

[via Metal Injection, The PRP, and Loudwire]

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