Post Malone Plugged Nekrogoblikon on Joe Rogan’s Podcast


Post Malone was Joe Rogan’s guest on episode #1516 of the Joe Rogan Experience podcast yesterday for a mammoth 3.5-hour long chat. I’m not quite sure how the topic turned to Nekrogoblikon — everything is fair game in a nearly four-hour interview, I s’pose — but ol’ Posty, who is a known metalhead, brought up everyone’s favorite goblin-themed headbangers band at some point. The pair riffed on the Nekrogoblikon for a solid minute and a half, looking at a photo of the band and even watching a clip of one of their music videos.

I have to imagine this is the single biggest bit of mainstream press Nekrogoblikon have ever gotten. Can someone in their camp please let me know if they’ve experienced a spike in streams over the past 24 hours? [email protected] is the addy.

Watch the clip below reposted via producer Jason Suecof’s Instagram.

Malone, for his part, has a long history with metal, so it’s no surprise he’s in the know on Nekrogoblikon. In recent years he’s been seen palling around with Power Trip and Gatecreeper, scored a massive radio hit with Ozzy Osbourne, and was once in a metal band himself.

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