Longtime Deftones Producer Terry Date Reveals Which of the Band’s Albums Is His Favorite

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Deftones frontman Chino Moreno recently reviewed the band’s entire discography — including their new album, Ohms (out September 25) — now it’s time for the band’s longtime producer, Terry Date, to weigh in on the nu-metal progenitors’ catalogue.

Date produced the Deftones’ first four albums — Adrenaline (1995), Around the Fur (1997), White Pony (2000), Deftones (2003) — as well as the yet (never?)-to-be-released Eros. Ohms finds him working with the band for the first time in over a decade.

He is also, you oughta know, a legend in his own right, with credits that nclude all the good Pantera albums as well as multiple releases by Soundgarden, Avenged Sevenfold, Limp Bizkit, White Zombie, Prong, Staind, Buckcherry, Bring Me the Horizon… the list goes on and on. Oh, and he also mixed the first two Slipknot records. I’m just sayin’, y’know, the guy’s opinion has heft.

In a new interview with Everythingrecording.com (a website dedicated, I assume, to all things having to do with recording), Date was asked if Ohms “will be [his] new favorite Deftones record.” Naturally, as part of his answer, Date had to reveal which Deftones record is currently his favorite:

“Well, you know this from doing this for so long, after hearing a record so many times in a row, it takes me ten years to actually like a record again. I have to get so far away from it to appreciate it. I’m just now starting to like Pantera records! And that’s overdramatizing, of course. But the immediacy of the dirty laundry is so apparent when something is new like that. So I can’t judge anything right now. White Pony is still my favorite just because of ‘Digital Bath’ and because I reference myself to those drums at the beginning of that song, that drum sound. I think that was my favorite drum sound that I got with the exception of the two hits at the beginning of Around the Fur album. Yeah. My favorite entrance to any record I’ve ever done was that right there – just like, ‘Here we go.’”

There are some other interesting tidbits in the interview, too. For example…

  • Deftones drummer Abe Cunningham “is, in my opinion, one of the most underrated drummers. I mean, that guy’s feel… and I know this from sitting through rehearsals with him… just his personality, everything he’s like… my favorite drummer. He’s just what a drummer is supposed to be, I think.”
  • On the title track from Ohms: “[T]his wasn’t a first single to me at all. I mean, it’s a good song… I don’t know who decided that [it would be the first single].”
  • On the band’s albums that he didn’t produce: “I didn’t want to go back and listen to stuff they did with other people because the reason we were working together again was to hopefully capture some of the early records’ vibe… the ‘magic.’”
  • On which of his albums should have been bigger: “The second Prong record that I did, Rude Awakening (1996), is one of my personal favorites to listen to. I used to always, when I’d walk into a studio to start a record, I would put on that record to start with.”

Good stuff. Read the entire interview here.

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