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Lamb of God Guitarist Has Some Kind Words for Anti-Maskers


Lamb of God guitarist Mark Morton has been especially vocal in the political realm on Twitter lately, and we are here! for! it!

The axeman, who holds a college degree in political science with double minors in international relations and African American studies and jokes that he put in all that work “just so I could write lyrics to heavy metal songs & argue with y’all on Twitter,” quote tweeted a video of anti-mask protesters marching through a Florida Target last week with a seething comment directed at those inconsiderate buffoons:

Over the weekend, Morton waded into the waters surrounding what is sure to be an epic fight over a replacement for the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg:

“From a purely objective perspective….McConnell ramming a Justice through a Senate confirmation could be a political gold mine for the Dems. It may wind up being the late-in-the-game gust of wind they need to flip the Senate and/or the White House.”

I sure hope so, Mark. Republicans are also looking at this fight as potential wind in their sails, though (make the Democrats look bad for “playing politics” while emphasizing to voters that they can use this to roll back the ACA, abortion protections, etc.).

Morton then got into it with metal’s resident Libertarian punching bag, All That Remains vocalist Phil Labonte:

Mark’s tweet that posed a hypothetical alternate universe of Lamb of God as Five Finger Death Punch went borderline viral:

And finally, Morton engaged former Chimaira frontman Mark Hunter on the most important issue of all:

Now back to your regularly scheduled arguing.

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