2021 Devastation on the Nation Tour (Rotting Christ, Borknagar) Cancelled

  • Axl Rosenberg

Devastating news (pardon the pun): the 2021 Devastation on the Nation Tour has been cancelled.

The MetalSucks-sponsored trek was set to feature Rotting Christ, Borknagar, Wolfheart, Abigail Williams, and Imperial Triumphant. It had originally been scheduled to take place this year before being postponed due to the pandemic. New dates for February and March 2021 were announced shortly thereafter, but as it becomes increasingly likely that things won’t be back to normal by then, the tour has now been called off altogether.

(Monster Magnet recently also cancelled their previously-rescheduled 2021 tour. This is just the beginning, folks. Sorry.)

Rotting Christ said in a statement:

“Headlining U.S.A. tour cancelled!

“There is no easy way to put this but another scheduled event this time for 2021 is cancelled! Having no clear picture of what the future holds plus more and more venues closed down we decided to not promise you somehting that we are not 100% able to provide you. So feel free to refund your purchased ticket and look forward to seeing you all when this crazy situation is over.

“Meanwhile we would like to thank you from the depths of our heart for all the support you have given us these wild times. It seems that our Metal Community is a strong and faithful family that everyone should be proud.

“Horns Up brothers-We keep on going united…and untill the end!”

The tour’s organizers add:

“There is no easy way to put this. Devastation on the Nation Tour 2021 is canceled.

“When we rescheduled the tour we thought that in a year everything would be okay again, but it still is not and we have no clear picture of what the future holds. More and more venues are closing down every month. This virus (COVID-19) has ruined everything for so many bands, musicians, and venues.

“Even if the tour were to still happen in February/March of 2021, how many more venues will be closed down? What will the capacity restrictions be for each show? How will 3 out of 5 bands from a different country survive here IF the borders reopen? It’s impossible to know and at this point there is no light at the end of the tunnel. We will not reschedule again until we 100% know that it will be possible for the tour to happen and that the bands from outside of the US are able to come here.

“All tickets purchased will be refunded. If you purchased tickets via https://www.metalfestivaltours.com/devastationonthenation, we will have those tickets refunded right away. If you purchased tickets NOT on this website, please find your email and email the company that you purchased them through for a refund.

“We thank you all for the support and we will be back one day.

“Aside from this, I will be doing an AMA today starting at 3pm EST/2pm CST/12pm PST via my Twitch channel. Speaking about DOTN, touring, marketing, listening to your bands music, and much more. If you’d like to join this, it is free! I’d like to talk to you all. I know this a very rough time for everyone but we’re all trying to stay positive.”

The “I” in that last paragraph is Daniel DeFonce from Continental Touring, who we spoke with back in March. The man has a lot of wise things to say, so if you’re able to participate in the AMA, you should certainly do so! His Twitch channel is at this link.

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