Unearth Release New Beer to Benefit the ACLU


Official press release:

Boston metal giants Unearth and musically influenced PA brewery Broken Goblet have teamed up on a collaborative beer in support of identifying and ending racial inequalities in our country, with all proceeds being split between the Philadelphia and Boston chapters of the ACLU. 

“Black Hearts Now Reign” is a Russian imperial stout brewed with white chocolate, an on-the-nose ingredients choice selected by the brewery for the combination of bitter and sweet that it adds to the beer, and the obvious analogy to the “work together” theme of the brew. The 11% beer will present as a mostly standard version of the style – rich and full bodied with roasted coffee, mild chocolate, toasted caramel and subtle dark fruit, with the added texture and mild sweetness of the white chocolate.

For Broken Goblet manager Reese Dunlap, this beer is personal in many ways. “I am not only a minority in the craft beer world, but also in the world at large, and both me and my family here in the industry need to fight to be the change we want to see. This beer is big in every way – aggressive style of beer, in your face branding, etc. But what it represents is bigger than me, bigger than the music I love, it’s a chance for our brewery to use our platform to remind people that we should be working hand in hand, uplift the black and brown voices that need it right now, own the faults and be a better example of unity. Plus – we get to work with some of our musical idols in Unearth!”

No stranger to amplifying social issues through their art, Boston-based Unearth was happy to work on this beer with Broken Goblet. Says Trevor Phipps, who fronts the band, “The only way to achieve a civil and just society is to work together to achieve an equal playing field for all.  While this idea might be obvious to many, there is still a lot of work we all need to do to ensure a truly united future.  We couldn’t be happier to collaborate with Broken Goblet, on our first ever beer, while bolstering the collective voice for unity, equality and the greater good.  We want to thank Broken Goblet for choosing to donate the proceeds of this powerful Imperial Stout to both the Boston and Philadelphia chapters of one of the fiercest defenders of civil rights in the world, the ACLU.  Cheers friends!”  

The beer will be canned and released November 21st at the brewery, and they are working on an arrangement that would bring some of the beer to Boston as well.  

Unearth Release New Beer to Benefit the ACLU
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