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What to Expect When She’s Expecting, with Type O Negative


It’s been a full ten years since the death of Peter Steele and the disbanding of Type O Negative, but that hasn’t changed the band’s special status as being one of the most optimistic and life-affirming in the history of music. Beyond the pervasive positivity that imbues each and every one of their albums from Slow, Deep, and Hard to Dead Again, the individual messages conveyed in such upbeat hits like “I Know You’re Fucking Someone Else,” “We Hate Everyone,” and “IYDKMIGTHTKY (Gimme That)” shine an additional light on the band’s inherently old-fashioned and romantic sensibilities. Basically, there is no band better than Type O Negative to narrate the joyous journey of pregnancy all the way from conception to birth.

When she announces that it’s the right moment to try conceiving:

“It is her moon time
When there’s iron in the air
A rusted essence
Woman, may I know you’re there”

— “Wolf Moon”

When the conception actually occurs:

“Like a flash of light in an endless night
Life is trapped between two black entities
‘Cause when you trust someone, illusion has begun
No way to prepare, impending despair”

— “Anesthesia”

When the good news is revealed:

“At times I’m truly terrified 
‘Cause dope and booze don’t help to hide 
They’re used to mask a weakling’s hurt 
It’s just like painting over dirt”

— “Everyone I Love is Dead”

When you go to visit the doctor together:

“Appointment made, waited three hours
Did not realize you had such power
I’d rather see a mortician
Your parents saved or had the bucks
Your education stems from luck
Future corpse: death by physician”

— “Life is Killing Me”

When she starts eating with an appetite for two:

“She’s in love with herself
She likes the dark
On her milk white neck
The devil’s mark
Now it’s All Hallow’s Eve
The moon is full
Will she trick or treat?
I bet she will”

— “Black No. 1”

When her mood oscillates between highs and lows

“I don’t wanna be 
I don’t wanna be me
I don’t wanna be
Me anymore” 

— “I Don’t Wanna Be Me”

When assembling furniture for the new nursery room:

“I’m searching for something 
Which can’t be found, but I’m hoping… 
I still dream of dad 
Though he died 
Everything dies” 

— “Everything Dies”

When the baby kicks and turns inside her womb:

“Yet in the dark still he screams your name
Nights living death with witch rhymes insane
Ten years amassed para toda mi vida?
Lost man in time was his name Peter?
Leave her
Leave her alone I said leave her alone!”

— “September Sun”

When her water breaks:

“Obsessive thinking, depressed drinking
The person I once was, he’s dead
Exhume the past this time or be my last
This is my final quest to remove my mask
Don’t be afraid as she pulled down the shadeSaid there’s nothing to fear but the monster is here”

— “12 Black Rainbows”

When she goes into labor:

“A cross upon her bedroom wall
From grace she will fall
An image burning in her mind
And between her thighs”

— “Christian Woman”

When the baby has finally been born:

“I beg to serve, your wish is my law
Now close those eyes and let me love you to death
Shall I prove I mean what I’m saying, begging…?
I say the beast inside of me’s gonna get ya, get ya…yeah…
Let me love you to…
Let me love you to death
To death
Am I good enough
For you?”

— “Love You to Death”

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