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Check Out This Uber-Heavy Cover of Living Colour’s “Cult of Personality”


Covers of Living Colour songs are few and far between, even of the band’s biggest hit, “Cult of Personality.” This dearth despite the band’s massive influence and widespread critical and fan praise. Maybe it’s just one of those things where the guys in the band are such great musicians, so unique in their styles, that covering them is a tall order?

Thrash/groove outfit Product of Hate have taken a stab at “Cult,” and I’ll bite… this one’s interesting. I’m into it. The band have taken some liberties with the arrangement by heavying it up to modern standards, introducing a whole lot of chugging and screamed vocals. It’s fun, and I’d absolutely say it does the original justice while changing it up enough to be worth a listener’s trouble.

One thing, though: I can’t help but feel the band missed an opportunity to subtly change a single lyric to something about Donald Trump, certainly fitting given the song’s subject matter, or even just to insert a quick video clip of one of his speeches in place of the existing ones (from the original “Cult” video). Oh well, the cover still rocks, even if the source material makes the proposition foolproof. Give it a spin below.

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