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F*ck the Facts F*ck Up Your Ears With “Dropping Like Flies”


You might assume that Fuck the Facts’ latest single, “Dropping Like Flies,” is about Trapt’s fanbase. But no: it’s actually about the opioid crisis. Bummer.

Less of a bummer: the song itself, which is like a karate chop to the windpipe. Or, as an unidentified member of the band (I assume guitarist Topon Das) describes it to Cvlt Nation, who debuted the song:

“I like to think of our songs as belonging on different compilations from back in the day, and this one I imagine being on Death… Is Just The Beginning Vol III. A nice smorgasbord of old school death metal, d-beat, and groovy weirdness. Lyrically the song talks about the opioid crisis and how so many people have had their lives destroyed while those that are supposed to be looking out for them have turned a blind eye.”

Listen to “Dropping Like Flies” below. Pleine Noirceur (Full Darkness), Fuck the Facts’ first new album in more than five years, is set for release on November 20 via the band’s very own Noise Salvation label. Listen to the title track here, the song “Ailleurs” here, and pre-order the album here.

F*ck the Facts F*ck Up Your Ears With “Dropping Like Flies”
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