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I’m going to put about much effort into this introduction as Emmure put into the lyrics of “Drug Dealer Friend.”

We begin today with In Defence’s new clip, for the song “Black Metal Mania.” This is probably the second-best video I’ve seen this week, following Helms Alee’s instant classic of a vid, “8/16.” There’s really only one gag being endlessly repeated in the “Black Metal Mania” clip, but metal fans should enjoy that gag greatly. Check it out:

Moving right along, we have  Asphyx’s new vide for the title track from their forthcoming release, Deathhammer. The clip debuted yesterday on Brooklyn Vegan. It’s not a bad video at all, but you probably won’t remember it in a week. That being said, the song is AWESOME, as is the rest of the album, so you should really check it out. You should also really read our new interview with Asphyx’s Martin van Drunen.

Next up is Halestorm’s clip for “Love Bites (So Do I),” which originally premiered on Noisecreep. I know Vince thinks I’m being too hard on this band, but… they’re so boring and generic. Can anyone honestly say they’d care about them if the singer wasn’t smashable? The lyrics are even written in a such a way that is basically telling the listener “Other women don’t understand you, but I do, and I wanna blow you.” It’s manipulative crap. Also, the video is the most boringest thing ever.

We continue with Product of Hate’s video for “Blood Coated Concrete.” The band plays serviceable, if not spectacularly memorable, Children of Bodom-style melodeath, and the video, to be honest, is not that exciting. But there is a teaser starting around the four-minute mark for a short film the band made with legendary make-up effects artist Robert Kurtzman and Ashley Laurence from the firss two Hellraiser movies, and I’d be legitimately stoked to watch that, so, yeah, I’ll be keeping an eye on this band.

And we conclude today with the new video from Capsule, “Gown of Frost.” This is one of those videos where the band plays while a beautiful woman kinda stumbles around and looks confused. But it’s nicely shot and the music ain’t half bad, so I’ll give it a pass, even if I have little doubt that I’m going to completely forget about it as soon as I’m done typing this.


Capsule? Who is that?


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