Emmure’s Patreon Shut Down Under Mysterious Circumstances

  • Axl Rosenberg

Something is rotten in the state of Emmure (besides their music, I mean).

Lambgoat reports that the much-derided deathcore band’s Patreon page has been deactivated… less than six months after launching. No reason for the deactivation has been given.

Worse still, according to the report, many of the band’s supporters “had no idea the Patreon wasn’t currently active,” with one who did know claiming that frontman Frankie Palmeri and company never even provided the promised perks:

“I was on their top tier, which was meant to include a personalized welcome/thank you video, access to stems, access to VIP ticket sales early, a free tee, a video call with a member of the band of our choosing, a hand-written lyric sheet of a song of choice, early access to songs/videos, breakdowns and play-throughs of tracks. What we actually got is two video play-throughs and some poems from Frankie. I was on their Patreon for the 5 months they had it. I noticed that everything had vanished off their page without any warning but [they] have still taken this month’s subscription [fee].”

In other words, if you’re one of the fans who subscribed to Emmure on Patreon but didn’t notice that the page has been deactivated, you should probably go cancel your subscription now, because you’re being charged for nothing.

Making matters even more troublesome, Lambgoat goes on to point out that the social media accounts for both Emmure and Palmeri haven’t been updated since mid-September. And Palmeri’s last post?

“Music is the only thing that gives my life purpose. Standing on stage, meeting people who vibe with my output, without these things I do not exist. I will reemerge healthier in mind, body and spirit when time allows. If I die before I get the chance to showcase this, thank you.”

So that’s not encouraging.

This is the second time in the past twelve months that the group — or at least Palmeri — has been at the center of a bizarre semi-scandal involving asking fans for money. Almost exactly a year ago, followers on social media revealed that Palmeri had been sliding into their DMs with a message suggesting he wanted to do what Patreon does only without Patreon for whatever reason (maybe so as not to have to give them a cut?):

“I’m reaching out to people (hopefully true fans) asking if they would be able to make a $100 donation to the Emmure cult. But it’s not just a $100 donation via PayPal, it also signs you up to our exclusive email list and gives donation members access to free VIP and guest list spots at future shows plus exclusive merch items both at our shows and online. The current industry climate is pretty rough, so we want to give the fans a chance to be invested in what we do while supporting us. These spots are limited, so let me know if you’re interested and I’ll supply the necessary info.”

The band’s actual Patreon launched roughly six months later.

Regardless of any pre- or post-pandemic issues through which Emmure may be suffering, they managed to release three new songs this year: the G.G. Allin-themed “Gypsy Disco,” the nu-metalish “Uncontrollable Descent,” and “I’ve Scene God,” a diss track calling out scene bands such as Attila, Thy Art is Murder, Stray from the Path, Knocked Loose, Stick to Your Guns, and Nails.

We’ll let you know when/if there are any additional updates. In the meantime, you can read Lambgoat’s entire report here.

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