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Singing With or Without Gum: Members of Lamb of God, Trivium, Emperor, and More Debate

  • Axl Rosenberg

Since it’s not at ALL a slow news day it was really hard for me to find time to write up this VV important Twitter thread about the pros and cons of singing with gum in the your mouth. But because I love you all so much, I’m doing it. You’re welcome.

So. The conversation started when Lamb of God guitarist Mark Morton commented “I find it so odd that Dave Grohl chews gum while he sings” on Sunday (November 8), presumably after watching the previous night’s Foo Fighters performance on Saturday Night Live.

Not long after, Trivium frontman and author of the foreward for the single most important book ever written about heavy metal, Matt Heafy, weighed in:

“I’ve tried it. Ihsahn mentioned it as a trick to keep his screams well-oiled. It really helps. And then I choked on it on stream during singing. So. That’s out for me.”

(Ihsahn, it turns out, was correct. In 2003, Grohl told Rolling Stone, “It’s just to keep my throat and mouth lubricated — so when I scream balls, I don’t choke and vomit.”)

Ihsahn then suggested that Heafy no longer chew gum while singing, after which Tim “Ripper” Owens revealed that he, too, chews gum during performances. Then Morton weighed in again:

“Wow I clearly ain’t no singer but this seems to me like playing guitar with gloves on. Haha Shows how much I know.”

A fan subsequently claimed that they’d seen Randy Blythe chew gum during a LoG show, and shit REALLY got nuts!

“Wait…..You’re telling me right now that you have seen Randy Blythe chew gum while he performs?” Morton asked.

“Yes sir! I’ve seen ya guys like 8 times out here in New York.. It was in the earlier part of the set but I swear, I’m not trippin’!” replied the fan.

Ultimately, though, Morton wasn’t buying it:

“Hmmm. I believe that you that you think you saw that. But I don’t believe you saw that. I could be wrong though! Haha I’m going to ask him though & solve those mystery. Have an awesome Sunday man. Thanks for digging the music!”

Morton has not yet reported back his findings.

Discuss your thoughts on chewing gum while singing in the comments section below. We know this is a divisive debate that can sometimes get heated, as matters of such import often are, so try to remain civil to one another.

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