This Band Knows How to Sell Records


One of my grandkids was trying to show me a music video on YourTube. I forget the name of the band. Shoot Santa? Gun Down the Easter Bunny? Something about shooting people on a holiday.

It doesn’t matter what the band was called: because we were watching heavy metal videos that had the word “gun” or “bullet” or whatever it was in the name, YourTube recommended the music video for “Gunpowder Suite” by Seversun.

Their music? Meh.

But they’ve got ambition, by God!

They made a music video with a completely unmotivated use of a mostly-naked babe holding a huge gun (and in a few shots, MONEY!). They know that “T and A” should stand for “Treasure and Assets.”

This band could be HUGE. I’m ready to sign them right now. Somebody get me Dave Rath on the pho-

Wait… wait wait wait… what? They’re from Russia?


Never mind.

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