And the Nominees for This Year’s Bullsh*t “Best Metal Performance” Grammy Are…

  • Axl Rosenberg

Body Count – “Bum Rush”

Code Orange – “Underneath”

In This Moment – “The In-Between”

Poppy – “Bloodmoney”

Power Trip – “Executioner’s Tax (Swing of the Axe) – Live”

In the past we’ve also sometimes paid attention to the categories of Best Rock Song, Best Rock Album, and Best Rock Performance, but this year the heaviest nominee for those awards is Fiona Apple, so we’ll skip it.

Insofar as who will win the Grammy for Best Metal Performance… only a heartless fuck would not be pulling for Power Trip, whose frontman, Riley Gale, passed away in August at the age of 35. Gale was much-beloved in the metal community, and a posthumous Grammy would definitely cement his legacy in the history books. As a bonus, it would really piss off the moron from Trapt.

Having said that, these awards tends to go to the most famous act on the ballot. There’s no obvious leader in that regard this year — no Metallica or Tool or Slipknot — but I suspect Body Count is the band old white people who don’t know anything about heavy metal have most likely heard of, because of Ice-T and the whole “Cop Killer” controversy (although they may know Poppy if they have grandkids). If only “Point the Finger” had been nominated instead — that’s a Body Count song that features Riley Gale!

In any case, a Body Count win would also enrage Mr. Trapt, so that’s nice.

The 63rd annual Grammy Awards will air Sunday, January 31 on CBS. The Daily Show‘s Trevor Noah will host. 

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