Architects Post New Song and Video, “Black Lungs”


Architects, the band featuring Sylosis mastermind Josh Middleton, are quite popular, I have recently learned. I acquired this knowledge from the constant Architects-based memes that Punk Rock MBA creator (and former MetalSucks contributor) Finn McKenty posts, in which he suggest that a whole lot of other bands in the scene blatantly rip off Architects. I trust Finn on all things metalcore, and therefore I accept his position on this particular band as fact! He is the ultimate expert. The video also already has over 160k views as of press time despite only coming out today; crikey, that’s popular!

Architects have a new song and video, “Black Lungs,” and I guess it sounds like an Architects song but I don’t really know because I’m a lame old (despite being younger than Finn). I like it OK, and I liked their last single, “Animals,” just fine too.

Architects’ new album, For Those That Wish To Exist, comes out on February 26 through Epitaph Records; pre-order here.

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