Creepy Televangelist Kenneth “Ha Ha Ha” Copeland Gets a Second Metal Song


The 2020 election’s biggest winner may end up being Andre Antunes. Since last month, the multi-instrumentalist has created Karencore, a genre dedicated to angry middle-aged white women who are afraid of black people; been responsible for one of two metal songs that used the Trump-supporting ‘BBQ, BEER, FREEDOM’ dude for the vocal track; and made a metal song from the ultra-super-duper-extra-unsettling “laughter” of right wing televangelist Kenneth Copeland.

Antunes has now made a sequel of sorts to the Copeland video, this one based around the 83-year-old “executing judgment” on COVID-19, ordering the virus to “get off this nation” before demanding (and demanding and demanding and demanding) “a vaccination to come immediately” (not a whole vaccine, mind you — just one vaccination).

If you’re like me, your first thought upon hearing that Antunes has returned to the Copeland well was something like “Okay the first Copeland video was cute but surely the returns can now only diminish, even if Copeland’s demand (demand demand demand) that ‘You come down and you crawl on your belly like God commanded you when He put His foot on your head in the Garden of Eden’ is simultaneously the most-metal and least-Christian phrase you’ve ever heard in your life.’”

Well, shame on us, or at least me, for making such an assumption. This is totally epic and endlessly entertaining. It also calls attention to the fact that there is a kind of rhythmic beat poet thing going on with Copeland’s sermons, which is almost certainly part of his appeal. Which doesn’t have anything to do anything, I just find it interesting.

ANYWAY, here, enjoy:

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