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Track Premiere: Comatose, “Spread” (Members of Chrome Waves, Amiensus, Fail to Decay)


The Covid-19 pandemic will impact all kinds of art for years (decades?) to come, in both practical and creative ways. Not only have artists been dragged down into the most difficult economic situation they’ve faced in recent history — as if being a musician even in “normal” times is a lucrative endeavor for more than a select few — but the ugly claws of this pandemic have already begun to wrench their way into artists’ creative output, the darkness, depression, heartache and ugliness it has brought on manifesting in the music, paintings, poetry and other creative endeavors in a real, tangible way.

Amidst that backdrop, we present you with “Spread,” the new single from the recently formed atmospheric rock/grungegaze unit Comatose, who feature in their ranks members of Chrome Waves, Amiensus. and Fail To Decay. Guitarist and vocalist James Benson comments of the track:

“‘Spread’ was written shortly before the Covid-19 outbreak became a full blown pandemic, and tracked in early June. The lyrics originally were discussing suicidal ideations and making plans for a letter to explain to someone’s significant other, but can easily be construed as a Covid-19 patient’s last plea: the heartbreak of a family unable to see their loved one as they pass away and the inability to have a proper send off and ‘goodbye.’ Both of these topics coalesce into a single thought: ‘Can you explain the torture that I’ve suffered so that family and friends will understand this wasn’t just waiving a white flag, but a long-fought war with a disease/depression?’

“I want to encourage everyone struggling with depression to not be afraid to seek help, especially with a year that stressed the world like no other in recent history. Having been in the healthcare and specifically counseling field the last seven years and seeing record numbers of new patients each month since March, it is important that society, the U.S. especially, promote self-care and destroy the stigma of seeking help for mental health and addiction.”

Listen to “Spread” below with that in mind, and remember that what James says is very true: there are a whole lot of people suffering right now, and if you’re among them it’s OK to admit it.

Comatose’s debut full-length, A Way Back, comes out January 22 via Transcending Records; pre-order here (physical) or here (digital).

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