Did King 810’s David Gunn Also Participate in the Capitol Riot?

  • Axl Rosenberg

Take this with a grain of salt for the time being, but it appears as though Iced Earth’s Jon Schaffer may not have been the only notable metal musician to aid in last week’s pro-Trump insurrection at the Capitol: as reported by The PRP, a new photo shows another participant, who looks suspiciously like King 810 frontman David Gunn (note the hair and the jacket… it’s hard to see but I believe he has a tattoo in the same spot as well).

Skip to the 10:30 mark in this video and the guy who may or may not be Gunn is clearly visible on the right:

Whether that’s Gunn or not, the man in the images was not included amongst the photos of perpetrators wanted by police and the FBI.

Gunn has never publicly voiced support for Trump. However, a King 810 video was banned from YouTube in 2018 after being classified as “hate speech.” And in a YouTube video released just prior to the 2016 election, Gunn said he wouldn’t vote for Trump or Hillary Clinton, while expressing a very QAnon-ish conviction that votes aren’t counted anyway:

“I’m not voting this election, but it has nothing to do with candidates. I’ve never voted, I’ve never participated in a presidential election in my life, I’d don’t plan to, it’s not something I’m ashamed of. When everyone was saying ‘rock the vote’ I was, and still am, saying ‘fuck the vote.’ It’s a joke. Assuming that our votes are tallied up and that we decide who the president is is naive, and anyone with any knowledge of the political system knows that this is not how things work…”

He went on to argue that “stances on abortion and gun control and taxes… don’t matter” and that “the party in office is irrelevant.” To his credit, though, he also points out that despite “socialism” being a “bad word,” there are already aspects of American society that are, in fact, socialist.

You can watch the clip below. We’ll continue to monitor this story closely.

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