Epica’s Simone Simons Explains the Significance of the Number 3 to the Band


Epica frontwoman Simone Simons was our guest on a recent episode of The MetalSucks Podcast to discuss the band’s new album, Omega, the Essence of Epica book, grinding through the pandemic and more.

Podcast host Petar Spajic asked Simone about ‘the metaphysical trilogy’ the band began in 2014 with The Quantum Enigma and just completed with Omega (with The Holographic Principle in between), specifically if it felt good to finish so she can start fresh with a new idea. She replied:

“Well, that’s actually a question Mark [Jansen, guitar] can probably answer better because he’s the writer of the music and the lyrics so it’s his idea. But he does like to work in threes. Also the number three kind of has a special meaning and he’s always worked with trilogies, like ‘The Embrace That Smothers,’ ‘A New Age Dawns,’ it’s always part one, two, three and then it’s done. There’s never a part four. There’s always something else coming after this.”

Petar then brought up another Epica trilogy — the ‘Kingdom of Heaven’ trilogy that started on Design Your Universe (2009), continued on Quantum Enigma (2014) and wrapped up on Omega — asking Simone whether the band might ever perform those songs live together. She enthused:

“Yes, yes! We have thought about it and we all have our favorite Kingdom of Heavens [laughs] but we’ll see if we do it like, one, two, three or if we do it in a different order. But its definitely an option, yeah.

Listen to our full chat with Simone here or below. Omega comes out on February 26.

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