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Is Mudvayne’s Chad Gray Plotting a Solo Album?


While we continue to stoke the Mudvayne reunion rumor mill once a year or so without much to show for it — most recently, last December — the band’s members continue to focus their creative energies elsewhere. For frontman Chad Gray, who also fronts Hellyeah, recent online activity suggests that some solo material could be in the works.

Gray launched a new website for himself, Chadnesss.com, with a fresh line of merch featuring his likeness and his own personal logo. Other than the opportunity to sling some threads and make a few bucks, what could the site be for?

I’m not sure who would pay $35 for a throw pillow with Chad’s face on it — excuse me, “mosh pillow” — but I have no doubt those folks are out there. The larger point, of course, is that individuals of Chad’s stature who suddenly launch their own platforms typically do so because they’ve got new music to promote, leading to speculation that Chad’s got a solo album in the works.

Chad hasn’t given any specific indication that a solo album is coming, though, so we’ll just have to wait and see. But it’s worth noting that Hellyeah are in a state of stasis at the moment, so the timing would be right.

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