Sebastian Bach and Dee Snider Call for Gun Control Reform Following Mass Shootings


Following the mass shootings in Atlanta and Boulder within a week of each other, Americans are once again clamoring for gun control reform. While liberals claim more restrictions are needed and conservatives cry “but mah freedom!!!,” poll after poll shows consistent, overwhelming support from most Americans on both sides of the spectrum for stricter gun laws. And yet, just like always, nothing will change, because conservative politicians (and some liberal ones) are deep in the pocket of the NRA. A week from now the anger will have subsided with our attention focused on some other issue, and in a few months we’ll be having this conversation again. Repeat.

Two outspoken voices in the metal community, Sebastian Bach and Dee Snider, have used their platforms in recent days to call for stricter gun control legislation despite the inevitability of no progress. Both have become increasingly involved in social issues of late, although Dee, of course, has been doing it for decades.

The exchange started when Snider responsed to a four-week old tweet by U.S. Representative Lauren Boebert of Colorado, a staunch Second Amendment supporter. In the widely shared tweet, Boebert wrote, “The people who think we need more gun control are the same people who think the ‘AR’ in ‘AR-15’ stands for assault rifle.” Snider, quote-tweeting Boebert’s tweet and adding his own commentary, said, “I thought it stood for ‘You AR a fucking idiot!’ – sincerely, Dee Snider. Proud gun owner, 2nd amendment advocate AND BELIEVER IN INTELLIGENT GUN CONTROL!!! If you need an AR-15 for self defense…you are a terrible shot.” Bach then quote-tweeted Snider’s tweet and added his own affirmation, saying, “The people that believe that it’s the year 1776 & the 2nd Amendment applies literally in 2021 do not understand the difference between a Musket and an AR-15.”

Separately, Bach commented on a 2019 tweet from former White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders in which she wrote: “Democrats say we have guns in America because of ‘corruption’. No, we have guns because it’s our God-given right enshrined in the Constitution.” Bach quote-tweeted Sanders’ message and added, “God does not give a shit about guns and he does not give a shit about what you say. Stop using God to justify murder and your ignorance.” He also retweeted a message from former news anchor Dan Rather echoing the same sentiment.

You can have a look at all the posts below as you rage into your keyboard for naught.

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