Lamb of God Releases New Live Video for “Resurrection Man”

  • Axl Rosenberg

Resurrection Man sounds like the name of a Steven Seagal movie from the ’90s. But it’s actually one the heaviest tracks on Lamb of God’s Lamb of God by Lamb of God, a song full of the groovy elephants marching riffage for which LoG have a special talent. It makes me wanna put on a rubber Godzilla suit and stomp a miniature model of Tokyo.

The band has now released a live video of that song, taken from the super-duper-extra-special-deluxe-premiere-reissue of Lamb of God’s Lamb of God by Lamb of God, which was released last Friday. The performance was originally part of one of the band’s pandemic-necessitated livestream shows, both of which are included in various forms on Lamb of God: Now with More Lamb.

Says guitarist Mark Morton of the song:

“‘Resurrection Man’ has been a fun song to watch the fan reaction to and a fun one to play live for the first time. We wrote the music for that song quickly and spontaneously in pretty much an afternoon in our jam room. Willie freestyled the opening riff and we built from there. Sometimes it’s cool to just let stuff flow without overthinking things to death. I feel like ‘Resurrection Man’ is a great example of that.”

You watch the live video below. Order Lamb of Godier here. It includes two bonus tracks and a live version of the album, along with a DVD featuring the first of the aforementioned livestream events from the fall. A separate vinyl edition of Lamb Of God – Live From Richmond, VA will also be available.

Not at all coincidentally, LoG guitarist Mark Morton was recently our guest on The MetalSucks Podcast! Listen to that chat here.

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