Jason Becker Is “in Constant Contact With His Doctors” After “Experiencing Shortness of Breath and a Rapid Heart Rate”


Guitarist Jason Becker’s mother, Pat Becker, has revealed that her son is “in constant contact with his doctors” after “experiencing shortness of breath and a rapid heart rate.”

Becker was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) in 1991.

Says Pat Becker via social media:

“Jason has requested prayers from all you wonderful folks out there. He can feel your prayers, and is experiencing shortness-of-breath and a rapid heart rate which is pretty scary stuff

“He has not been able to communicate his gratitude and love for all the recent donations and support, but he is so grateful to you all and hopes to get back to a level of energy that makes it possible to let you all know, personally, how much he appreciates you.

“We are in constant contact with his doctors and will keep you posted.

“Thank you all.”

A multi-month mega-fundraiser on Becker’s behalf, featuring just about every living famous metal guitarist there is, has been underway since March. The next performance is scheduled for tomorrow, April 7, and is set to include Steve Terreberry, a.k.a. Stevie T. More information is here.

You can donate to Becker here.

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