Lordi To Release SEVEN New Albums in One Month

  • Axl Rosenberg

“You can never have too much Lordi!” said no one ever. So the band will release seven — yes, seven — new albums this October. STUDIO albums. Not just compilations or rarities or live recordings or acoustic reimaginings or whatever.

Apparently the albums will fill in the back catalogue for 2020’s Killection: A Fictional Compilation, which “contains songs that Lordi would have written between the early 70’s through the mid-90’s” had they been around at that time. In other words, a bunch of the individual songs from Killection are now getting complete albums, which will presumably sound appropriate to the time period in which they’re supposed to have been made.

The band made the records after touring in support of Killection was cut short by the pandemic (and you thought you used the lockdown productively).

Personally, I think it should be considered a war crime that Lordi will release more albums in one month than Tool have released in thirty years. Seven new Lordi albums is eight Lordi albums too many. But hopefully this news make someone other than Mr. Lordi’s mom happy.

You can read Lordi’s announcement below:

“Beware, April fool’s! LORDI announced to release 4 albums simultaneously – of course this is not going to happen, that would be insane. But actually not insane enough for LORDI. The reality is that Lordi is releasing seven (7!) new studio albums in October. No joke, not kidding.

“Mr. Lordi explains: ‘Within a week when the Killectour was cut short in March 2020, I realized we’re gonna have to use the sudden extra time somehow. It was clear that it is the time to start planning the new album, even though Killection was released not even two months before. I was thinking that the most boring thing we could do after Killection, is to do another basic Lordi album. And I was very much enjoying the different styles of song writing, recording and production on Killection, but another boring idea would have been to do a part 2. Since Killection is a fictional compilation album from a fictional back catalogue that doesn’t exist, I got the idea that the only thing that could top that, is to record and release that fictional back catalogue. And until Halloween 2021 the fictional back catalogue will be no longer fictional, it actually will exist… at least for the most part. My original idea was to release 10 albums, but the label said that is insane. But 7 is a number they felt that is somewhat sane, hahahaha!’

“So, as for Lordi’s 11th studio album release, we will not only get the 11th new album, but we’ll get the 12th, 13th, 14th, 15th, 16th and 17th album at the same time. What OTHER ROCK band has done this before? The answer is no other. The band states: ‘The albums will sound all different from each other, they’re all in different styles and fictional eras in the Killection timeline. 5 of the 7 albums are already done by the way, and number 6 is well on the way.’

Be ready for a big bunch of new material from Finland’s shock rockers.

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