Listen: Tool Played on the Saxophone, Tool Played on the Hurdy-Gurdy

  • Axl Rosenberg

Are you Tool fan (of course you are — they’re one of the only three bands that matter)? Do you enjoy having music you like translated for unexpected instruments? Friend, you have come to the right post! We have, this morning, not one, but two examples of Tool music being translated for unexpected instruments. What a world!

First up: The Phunky Pharaoh (possibly not his real name) performing “The Pot” on the bari sax (that’s industry-speak for “baritone saxophone”). He’s also wearing a Spongebob hat because why not?

The results are, indeed, quite funky, if not especially pharaohish. Watch:

Next up: Eluveitie’s hurdy-gurdist (y’know, as opposed to the hurdy-gurdist from…?), Michalina Malisz, has released a video in which she plays “Schism” (which she speels “Schizm” for reasons I don’t understand), “Lateralus,” “The Pot,” “Forty Six & 2,” and “Descending” on her weapon of choice. Malisz has been making these five-metal-riffs-on-the-hurdy-gurdy videos for awhile, so if you enjoy this, y’know, maybe give her a follow.

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