Rammstein’s Stadium Stage Could Become an Official Lego Set

  • Axl Rosenberg

Rammstein’s stage show is the stuff of legends, and their stadium stage is really next-level, taking more than a whopping sixty hours to construct before each performance. That is fucking BONKERS (although we surely appreciate the hard work of the band’s crew — Dio knows the resulting show is always worth their tremendous efforts!).

Now a Rammstein fan, currently known only as “airbricks,” has proposed that the aforementioned stadium stage be turned into an official Lego set… and apparently this has a chance of actually happening.

The proposal was made via the Lego Ideas website, which promises that company will review any concept that gets upwards of 10,000 supporters for official consideration. As of this writing, it’s at 5,904 — and they have more than two years left to get the remaining 4,096 supporters.

And lest you think this might make the band angry for some reason, you should know that they’ve endorsed the idea (shit, come to think of it… a member of Rammstein could be “airbricks” as easily as anyone). Which is probably part of the reason it’s been able amass so many votes.

Here’s the description of the proposed set:

“Rock concert scene consisting of 6 members 2 guitarists 1 bassist 1 keyboardist 1 drummer and 1 singer the es made up of 1493 coins

“The scenes can be modulated according to your taste and there is a functional elevator to say goodbye to the public at the end of the concert.

“I create them to remind me of the good times spent at the concert when we didn’t have this disease hanging around hoping that soon all this will be behind us. “

View more pics below, and go here to vote in favor of Lego manufacturing the set.


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