Nonpoint Debut “Ruthless” New Track

  • Axl Rosenberg

I’m a morning person like Brandon Saller is a singer. Unfortunately, they have yet to create software to allow me to appear be a morning person to the outside world, so long as I never have to actually be a morning person in front of them right there on the spot.

They do, however, make this new Nonpoint song, “Ruthless,” which started a party in the Rosenberg wing of The MetalSucks Mansion. I find Nonpoint’s nu-metal to be kinda hit-or-miss, but [affects best Ric Flair voice] WOOOOOOOOOO!, this track is THE SHIT.

“Ruthless” is a big, stupid anthem, and I mean that as a compliment.

It is the song Disturbed have been trying to write for the past 20+ years.

It makes expert use of both syllables in its titular adjective.

It sounds like it should be playing over a quick-cut highlight reel of exciting moments that make baseball appear to be a fast-paced sport.

It sounds like its music video should have choreographed dancing by women dressed like the band.

Frontman Elias Soriano doesn’t really rap, but you could argue he’s rapping the whole time.

Jason Zeilstra’s guitar solo uses so much wah he’s in danger of being sued by Kirk Hammett.

Its sparing use of orchestral synth stabs make me wish it had an abundant use orchestral synth stabs.

It will claim squatter’s rights in your brain.

Says Soriano of the song:

“’Ruthless’ is more than just a song. It’s a story with attitude and purpose. This is more than just an anthem, it’s heart pounding, high octane jet fuel and OUR MOST IRRESPONSIBLE MUSIC EVER.” 

It’s not just hype, guys.

Start your day right with “Ruthless” below.

There’s no word on whether or not “Ruthless” will eventually be included on the next Nonpoint album, whenever that should come out (their last full-length of originals, X, was released in 2018). But the band did launch their own independent record label, 361 Degrees Records LLC, this past January. You can watch a docu-series about starting that label, A Path to Independence, at the bottom of this post.

Sez the band:

“We would like to thank everyone for the support in our announcement of starting our own label! The messages we have received have been really amazing, inspiring, and we’re so grateful to know we have all of your support. Over the past year, we filmed a documentary-series so we could show you our journey during this important step in our careers and to take you behind the scenes as we write new music.”

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