Enlarge To celebrate, he's doing a contest where the winner can see unlimited Slipknot shows for three years.

Slipknot Percussionist Officially Launches Clown Cannabis

  • Axl Rosenberg

Last week, Clown from Slipknot announced that this week he would announce his own line of weed products, Clown Cannabis.

This week, Clown has made good on that announcement by announcing the announcement he announced he’d announce.

A press release describes Clown Cannabis as “a first-of-its-kind partnership with Hollister Cannabis Co. and Heavy Grass” that “features special-edition HashBone packs featuring six half-gram pre-rolls with matches, packaged in a soft-touch, [and a] matte black case” (pictured below).

As for the weed itself, it’s described thusly:

“Clown’s signature HashBone line contains a 75% potent, uplifting indica flower, hand-blended with 25% Paradise Citrus bubble hash. The signature premium indica flower features an earthy citrus-rich flavor profile, with sublime sedating effects. Paradise Citrus, made from crossing Tropicana Cookies and Tina, adds another layer of full-body relaxation with happy head highs and citrusy notes of orchard-fresh sour orange. Lab testing confirms the potency of these hash-infused pre-rolls with THC levels above 40%.” 

Says Clown of the launch:

“Remember, it’s just medicine.”

Now Clown chooses to limit himself to a single coherent sentence? What the actual fuck? This must have been edited way down from a much, much, much longer statement spoken in the usual Clown gibberish, right?

ANYWAY, to celebrate the release, they’re doing a Willy Wonka-esque (or should I say Anthrax-esque) Golden Ticket giveaway, only it’s a Green Ticket (see what they did there?). The winner gets unlimited entrance for two into any Slipknot shows in the world for the next three years. I hope the winner takes advantage of that, and doesn’t just, like, go to one show and say “Fuck it.”

Clown Cannabis is currently available in California from DreamyDelivery.com, plus selected other retail dispensaries and delivery services.

Slipknot Percussionist Officially Launches Clown Cannabis
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