Zeal & Ardor Release Devastatingly Heavy New Single, “Run”


Zeal & Ardor have released “Run,” the first single from their forthcoming third full-length album, a self-titled affair. And it’s quite a blast in the face.

Anyone who’s followed this band even a little will notice one glaring difference between “Run” and much of the band’s past material: how friggin’ heavy it is. While Zeal & Ardor have often tempered their aggression with other elements, that is certainly not the case here as the band is full-on going for it, complete with the hardest hitting riffs we’ve heard from them, double bass drumming and screamed vocals. I have to imagine their fanbase will be stoked on the song, even if ends up not being representative of the album as a whole.

Explains mastermind Manuel Gagneux:

“Run is the first single we are releasing off of our self-titled album because, while there are definitely familiar elements present, it sets the tone for things to come. It is surely one of our most aggressive songs yet, but that is just a vanguard of what lies ahead. So run while you still can.”

Give it a listen below and stay tuned for more info.

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