The Absence Debut New Song “Black Providence”


It’s Tuesday in reality but Monday in spirit; you just had a three-day weekend; maybe you were fortunate enough to be able to see some close friends and are now nursing a hangover. Point being, today is nobody’s favorite day.

The Absence’s new single “Black Providence,” then, is exactly the pick-me-up we all need. Chunkier than the vomit of a drunk dude who had hot dogs for dinner and so shreddy Rudy Giuliani tried to use it destroy incriminating documents, it is a truly magnetic melodeath jam which suggests, yet again, that the band’s forthcoming album Coffinized is going to kick all the ass. All of it.

Says drummer Jeramie Kling of the song:

“We have never been ones to shy away from a slower tempo, and on ‘Black Providence,’ the sheer density becomes whole within the monolithic cadence. Sometimes we find ourselves afraid to face the pain of reality. The only way to achieve solace is to push through it; to make the tough decisions; to not take the easy way out.”

Check out “Black Providence” via the below music video, which debuted today on Metal Injection.

Coffinized is out June 25 on M-Theory Audio. Pre-order it here.

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